10 Things You Should Know About Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes diet is like nothing like restricting diets. It is restricting the input of sugar (carbs) and limiting the amounts of other groups of food. Moderate amounts of food in regular intervals is the basis of the MNT. Because the spikes in your blood sugar are causing you troubles, it is of paramount importance to understand what is causing them and how to avoid those spikes. Continue reading “10 Things You Should Know About Diabetes Diet”

6 Diabetes Symptoms You Shouldn’t Miss

Diabetes Symptoms

The Silent Killer. Diabetes. The same. About 24 million are affected by diabetes in US only. One quarter of them doesn’t even know they have diabetes. Majority of them (90%) have type 2 diabetes. The greatest obstacle on the road to diagnose diabetes is that the symptoms are so common and trivial that most of us won’t even bother to consult a doctor about it. And the truth is – a simple blood test will do the trick. Continue reading “6 Diabetes Symptoms You Shouldn’t Miss”